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Whiskey is our premium bull.
He has a truly western inflatable bed.
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Last man standing

Try your hand at the Deep South Swap.
Duck your way to fun.
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Lord Humphries

Our one of a kind, mechanical bulldog is
a true English Gentleman.
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Is your Mechanical Bull a “real” Mechanical Bull? 
A: Yes.  But many times when people ask if our Mechanical Bull is “real” they usually mean is it like the one we saw in Gilley’s on Urban Cowboy.  The Mechanical Bull that John Travolta rode in Urban Cowboy was a hydraulic Mechanical Bull, as opposed to the new electric Mechanical Bulls of today.  As you can imagine, Mechanical Bulls have come a long way in the past 30 years since the days of Urban Cowboy.  Many safety features have been implemented to give the rider an exciting yet safe ride.  The electric Mechanical Bull that we operate is manufactured by Galaxy America and has factory programmed settings that prevent the Mechanical Bull from executing dangerous moves.  Since 99% of our riders are NOT professional Mechanical Bull riders, after more than 15 years of operating Mechanical Bulls for all types of crowds, we have determined that electric Mechanical Bulls are the safest and most exciting ride for most people in a special event setting.  
Are Mechanical Bulls safe? 
A:  Yes.  Mechanical Bulls have many safety features to ensure each rider is protected from injury.  The inflatable mattress is used to make sure anyone falling off the Mechanical Bull lands on a soft surface.  There is a stop switch on the control panel of the ride and a seat sensor to shut off the ride automatically if someone is falling off.   One of the most important factors is the soft head of our Mechanical Bull - don't accept anything less!
How long does it take to setup?   
A: It takes about an hour to get the Mechanical Bull into the party location, setup and test it, to be ready to ride.
Where can I set up a Mechanical Bull?
A:  Just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors.  We can also provide a tent for the Mechanical Bull, for an additional charge, if your event is outdoors.
How much power does it need? 
A: It takes a 20 amp and a 10-amp 110v circuit. Gas generators can be provided, for an additional charge, if an electrical outlet is not available.
Q: Is a generator included with an inflatable rental? 
A: No. Generators are rented separately, for an additional charge. A blower is included to pump the inflatable, but if you will not have electrical power at the setup location (e.g. at parks) you will need to rent a generator.
How much room do you need for the Mechanical Bull?  
A: The Mechanical Bull setup Dimensions: is 20’ in diameter.
Does it come with an attendant? 
A: Yes it does come with a highly skilled attendant for the duration of your event.
Can anyone ride a Mechanical Bull?
A: NO! Under no circumstance can anyone with any type of existing injury ride the Mechanical Bull.
Can we ride more than one person on the Mechanical Bull at a time? 
A: No.  What makes Mechanical Bulls so exciting is that they provide a radical ride for the rider who is eventually thrown off and lands on an inflatable air mattress.  Landing on your friend would not make for such a fun ride.
Will I get thrown off the Mechanical Bull?  If so, what do I land on?
A: Yes, you will most likely be thrown off.  99% of the riders are thrown off the Mechanical Bull since the program gets progressively harder the longer you stay on.  In certain cases the Mechanical Bull operator will stop the Mechanical Bull at a certain point in the program and allow the rider to get off on their own.  These cases are usually reserved for elderly guests or small children who appear to be scared.  When you are thrown off you will land on an inflatable air mattress that will catch your fall.
Is the Mechanical Bull cleaned? 
A: Yes. We clean every product after each use.
How long is the rental for? 
A: Rentals are generally for a 4 hour period, but can be provided for multiple days, as well. Please choose delivery and pick-up times accordingly; and call our office for questions or details.
Do you provide delivery and set up of the Mechanical Bull? 
A: Yes. Prices for inflatables include delivery to local addresses. Call our office for questions regarding our delivery area and non-local fees.
Do I need to provide a deposit? 
A: Yes. We require a 30% deposit at time of order to secure your rental.
What is your cancellation policy?  
A: Renter will receive a full refund of deposit with cancellation at least 2 weeks prior to reservation date. If Renter cancels less than 2 weeks prior to reservation date, we keep the deposit, but Renter may apply it to a future rental within a 30 day period or otherwise forfeit the deposit.  If Renter cancels within 24 hours of delivery time, the full amount of the rental is due, NO REFUNDS.   All Weather Cancellations must be made by 8:00 AM the date of the rental to receive a refund of the deposit.
What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept credit cards and cash, NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Schools, businesses and churches must call our office to arrange payment by check.
Are you insured and inspected by Texas Department of Insurance “TDI”? 
A: Excellent question! Yes, we are insured. The second question you should ask is the rating of the insurance company. The third question you should ask is how much is the coverage. Finally, you should ask if you will be named as additional insured on the policy. All of our Mechanical Bulls are inspected annually by TDI. Just ask for our inspection sticker and we will be happy to provide it.
Is it normal to tip the driver/operator? 
A: If you are happy with the services provided by the driver/operator, please tip him.
 Do you offer Mechanical Bulls nationwide like the other companies I see on the internet? 
A: We only offer our Mechanical Bull in states bordering Texas
Are you located in Texas? 
A: Yes, we are located in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.
Do you offer anything other than Mechanical Bulls? 
A:  Yes. We are a full service game rental company that offers everything from photo booths and green screens to concession equipment and large scale rides. We also provide tents and tables/chairs. As a full service game/party rental company we are fully insured and fully staffed to meet all of your rental needs.
Can you also provide Casino Equipment and Dealers?
A:  Yes, we offer casino night packages. Casino equipment includes Texas Hold'em tables, Poker tables, Roulette tables, Craps tables, Blackjack tables, Prize wheels and Money machines. We also provide pool tables and dart boards.
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