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Whiskey is our premium bull.
He has a truly western inflatable bed.
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Last man standing

Try your hand at the Deep South Swap.
Duck your way to fun.
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Lord Humphries

Our one of a kind, mechanical bulldog is
a true English Gentleman.
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Mar 2014

Are Mechanical Bulls safe


With everyone jumping on board on the Mechanical Bull frenzy you can never be sure what’s safe or not? As a Mechanical Bull service providers we always buy Bull machines that are durable and safe for all ages. To top it off we are also fully insured as required by the state of Texas.

We urge consumers to do a search and be skeptical of affordable Mechanical Bull Rentals. This is a clear sign the company may be cutting corners by putting you at risk so they could save money. The little bit of saving can get you heavy into medical bills if something were to go wrong. Think twice. Think safety and plan out your next Bull rental in a more relax smart consumer way. Think “It it sounds to good to be true, there must be something wrong!”



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